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Bjarke Horst Jensen and Morten Oeland are The Wicked Ones who run Wicked Fly Fishing.

The core area is fly casting, fly fishing and fish strategic tuition and courses at home and abroad. In addition guided fishing, lectures, articles, photo and movies with fly fishing in mind. Together we do have more than 30 years of experience in these areas and today we are sure that the reason lies in that we from the beginning focused on quality, reliability and good service and that every instruction takes place in a friendly atmosphere.

Today Wicked Fly Fishing is the largest commercial provider of fly fishing courses for fly fishermen in Scandinavia - We are proud when we think of that today Wicked Fly Fishing develops and hosts Scandinavia's best and most innovative fly fishing courses and are trend setting in this area.

Bjarke Horst Jensen and Morten Oeland constitute an instructor team with great breadth and raw amount of specialized knowledge in fly fishing. Wicked Fly Fishing cooperates with carefully selected partners each of which offers uncompromising quality for fly fishermen in their respective areas.

Bjarke Horst Jensen and Morten Oeland have a science educational background which ensures a physical, technical, biological and professionally based approach to fly fishing. They are both qualified instructors in the National Sport Fishing Association - Who's large voluntary work are still keen to their mind.

Bjarke Horst Jensen and Morten Oeland have countless of fishing trips to distant waters where inspiration and local knowledge have provided a huge amount of "fly fishing data" which you have the opportunity to enjoy!

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