Nymph Rigs - The Fish & The Fly 2

In the DVD The Fish & The Fly 2 Morten Oland fishes under many different circumstances and conditions that often require special rigs to be fished effectively.

Rig for grayling in River Traun

Morten fishes this specific rig while fishing for grayling at the River Traun in Southern Germany. It's fished upstream - or across and up - and the rig enables you to fish the little nymph close to the bottom. Morten uses indicator paste, a floating paste that is moulded and squeezed onto the leader. It serves as a kind of float and a strike-indicator.

The stonefly nymph is heavily weighted and will pull down the little and much lighter nymph so that it is fished close to the bottom.

Rig for trout in River Traun

A very simple rig - With indicator paste the nymph can be fished in a controlled manner and even the most careful strike will be registered. The distance between the indicator and the nymph is adjusted according to water depth and current.

At the end of the leader Morten fishes a very effective imitation of a house-building caddis larvae. It's fished upstream over a slow-paced river stretch. By using the indicator paste you can fish the fly so that it drifts just above the bottom.

Rig for trout fishing in Swedish Lappland

Another simple nymph rig. With a bit of indicator paste on the line and a short distance between the indicator and the nymph the fly can be fished with great control.

Rig for trout fishing in shallow waters in New Zealand

In shallow and clear water there's a risk that the indicator paste will spook the fish. Therefore, Morten uses a big imitation of a beetle as an indicator.

Trout fishing in deep pools in New Zealand

A big #10 Stonefly Nymph works great as an indicator in this particular fishing situation. It looks very natural and it's floating capacity is great enough to carry heavily weighted nymphs.

To get a relatively small fly down in the big pool you need two heavy nymphs on the leader. Especially the Heptagenia Nymph is heavily weighted.