Fly Tying Instruction

Remember that effective flies catch more fish - It seems simple and straightforward ... almost logical that it is so. Consider that the only thing the fish should ever see is your fly. The fly cast, the tackle and your fishing techniques are only tools to bring the fly in the right position. A free, innovative and strategic approach to fly tying creates the best flies.

Wicked Fly Fishing has specialized in innovative fly tying and is constantly developing new patterns and concepts. The people behind has for more than a decade been trendsetters behind different flies, which are now known in many parts of the world, either as the originals or our techniques are built into new flies. Examples are powerfull salmon and sea trout patterns and ultra realistic imitations of insects. Perhaps the best known is the Oland Spey Shrimp recorded in Partridge of Redditch pattern collection.

At our clinics you learn, not just some fly patterns, but also series of volume techniques and perhaps most importantly, a free and creative approach to fly tying. You will discover a new use of known fly tying materials and gain inspiration and ideas for new fly tying techniques, that you will not find elsewhere.

We do take pride in meeting your needs and inquiries!

Our fly tying clinics are aimed at traders of equipment for fly fishers, sport fishing associations and large groups of individuals, companies and individuals who are willing to put in an extra effort.

A one day fly tying instruction typically has a duration of approx. 5 hours.


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Price Info

With 10 participants typically
495 Eur excl. VAT and travel expenses.

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