Fly Casting Instruction

Wicked Fly Fishing allows you to develop your fly cast and yourself as a fly fisher through our fly casting clinics.

A fly cast has its basic principals but can be expanded through all kinds of variations to suit any fly fishing situation.

A basic theoretical understanding of the fly cast makes learning the casting techniques easier. Wicked Fly Fishing takes pride in combining theory and practice to create a very steep learning curve for the participants.

The fly casting instruction always takes outset in your level and needs. And we know, that one day with our instructors will improve your fly cast significantly.

We can build your fly cast from scratch or we can improve special parts of the fly cast according to your needs.

The knowledge and understanding of how to adapt special parts of your tackle e.g. fly lines and leaders to suit different situations is very important in improving your fly casting skills. Wicked Fly Fishing knows the market better than many traders and we do not compromise! We could never dream of to recommend you anything but the best. Equipment we know you'll get the optimum benefit from, and gear we ourself would love to use.

Our fly casting clinics are aimed at traders of equipment for fly fishers, sport fishing associations and large groups of individuals, companies and individuals who are willing to put in an extra effort.

No fly casting instruction is impossible and you're always welcome to inquire how we match your specific needs.

A one day fly casting instruction typically has a duration of approx. 5 hours.


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Price Info

With 10 participants typically
495 Eur excl. VAT and travel expenses.

Contact us to get a specific offer according to your needs.